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Response to our new publication has been great. There’s obviously a lot of interest in intelligent, unbiased commentary on wine. We’re often asked about this wine or that, but occasionally we’re asked why the name “Underground”? Are we terrorists? Perhaps a reincarnation of the Weathermen? Are our foreign correspondents disciples of Che Guevara? No. Nary a machine gun or shoulder holster anywhere. Our interest is strictly fine wine—drinking it and reporting on its merits as objectively as humanly possible.

Can wine be considered subversive? Perhaps the basis of a new secret weapon? We think not, but no doubt our “tell it like it is” approach may stir up some controversy, particularly where comment is unfavorable. So be it. We consider our criticism constructive. After all, the better wine is, the greater the benefit to producers, distributors, retailers and consumers. So “Underground” we’ll stay; down here in the cellar, drinking and enjoying our wine just as we always have. In between bottles, we’ll publish our letter, free from any outside influence. This is our bottle. Not exactly the stuff to satisfy Genghis Khan, but we think Thomas Jefferson would approve. And, far away, in some remote and well-stocked, sub-celestial cellar; Bacchus smiles, nods approvingly, and proclaims “Finally, on earth, The Underground Wineletter. Veni. Vidi. Vici.”

John Tilson