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More 2009 Rosés and Other Wine Bargains

Loire Valley

Couly-Dutheil 2009 Chinon Rosé

Baptiste Dutheil established this estate in 1921, which was then developed by René Couly, who married Madeleine Dutheil.  The family-owned operation has 85 hectares of vineyards east of Chinon along the Vienne River.  This wine is made using the Rosé de Saignée method.  Cabernet Franc is the red grape grown in Chinon and is used to make this Rosé.
Light reddish pink in color, this wine has a lovely floral perfume hinting of strawberry.  Lush, rounded and fruity on the palate, it has hints of strawberry and cherry with a faint floral undertone.  This is a terrific fruity Rosé with impeccable balance – Highly Recommended.  Frank-Lin International, San Jose, CA.  $12.99  2-n-half-yellow-stars



Chateau Montaud Vignobles Francois Ravel Cotes de Provence 2009 Rosé
The family-owned Chateau Montaud, located in Cotes de Provence, was founded in 1964 when the Ravel family returned to Provence from Algeria.  They have four hectares of vineyards.  This Rose is made from the Tibouren grape, an old Provencal variety.
Light golden-pink in color, this wine exhibits a nice perfume with hints of citrus and peach.  Finesseful, with a faintly floral, citrus-tinged flavor, it is rounded, but with a nice crispness on the finish.  This is a lovely Rosé – Highly Recommended.  Monsieur Touton Selection Ltd., New York, NY.  $10 2-yellow-stars Best Buy


Clos Alivu Patrimonio Corsica 2009 Rosé

Clos Alivu, located in the town of Oletta in the region of Bastia, makes wines from 50-year-old Niellucciu vines from the area of Patrimonio.
This Rosé is salmon-pink in color and has a gorgeous perfume with floral and cherry nuances.  Lovely fruit with a floral and citrus tinge is backed by a nice, crisp finish.  This is a very tasty Rosé – Highly Recommended.  Jeff Wilburn Selections, Wine Agencies Inc., Van Nuys, CA.  $16.95  2-yellow-stars



Alberto Longo Donnadele 2009 Rosato Puglia IGT
Made from 100% Negroamoro grapes, this is a stunning, complex Rosé.
Light salmon-pink color, it has a perfumed nose with herbal, spice, floral and mineral nuances with just a hint of orange zest.  An elegant Rosé, but complex with herbal, spice and faintly floral notes and a touch of smokiness.  Crisp and finesseful, but with complexity, this is a superb Rosé – Outstanding.  Clyde Thomas LLC, New York, NY.  $16  3-yellow-stars

Another New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

As we noted in our June 15, 2010 article on 2009 New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, there are many really good ones available at very affordable prices.  Here is a note on another one that is one of the best tasted to date and at a great price!

Kirkland Signature 2009 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Ti Point
This wine is produced and bottled by Ti Point Vineyard where Tracy Haslam, the winemaker, is the third generation of women in wine.  It is marketed by Costco under their proprietary Kirkland Signature brand.
Light yellow in color with a lovely perfume of grapefruit with an herbal tinge and faint hints of melon, the wine is crisp, yet rounded.  Very flavorful with grapefruit, melon and a faint herbal undertone, it is crisp on the finish.  This is a gorgeous Sauvignon Blanc – Outstanding.  D.C. Flynt MW, Lake Charles, LA. $7.99  3-yellow-stars Best Buy

Pinot Grigio from Italy

Signature 2009 Pinot Grigio Friuli Grave
This wine is marketed by Costco under their proprietary Kirkland Signature brand.
Pale yellow color, it has a subdued, faintly floral perfume, hinting of melon and citrus.  The wine is very nice, elegant and finesseful, with a faint note of melon and citrus, a delicate, floral nuance and a clean, crisp finish.  It is a lovely wine – Highly Recommended.  $7.99  2-yellow-stars Best Buy

Australian Red Wine

If you like Syrah (or Shiraz as it is called in Australia) here are two wines that compare very favorably even with “discounted Syrah” that is still being offered at several times these prices.

D’Arenberg 2008 Shiraz The Stump Jump McLaren Vale
Family-owned for four generations, D’Arenberg is one of McLaren Vale’s significant wineries, producing a wide range of wines.  This wine is from their Stumpies range, wines which are perfect, everyday-drinking wines.  The name comes from the Stump Jump plough, a South Australian invention, which has the ability to ride over stumps and gnarled roots.
Dark in color, this wine has a deep perfume of blackberry, spice and vanilla.  The rich fruit of blackberries, spice and vanilla, offers lots of flavor.  It is very tasty and has youthful appeal – Highly Recommended.  Old Bridge Cellars, Napa, CA. $7.49 2-yellow-stars Best Buy

Pure Love Layer Cake Wines 2009 Shiraz South Australia
Layer Cake Wines are a project of Jayson Woodbridge, owner/winemaker, of cult wine Hundred Acre Cabernet Sauvignon.  Woodridge wanted to see if he could also make wine selling for about $15 or less that tasted at least four times higher.  Woodbridge pays tribute to his grandfather who told him wine should be like the delicious layer cake his grandmother made, offering layers of flavors, aromatics and textures.  Earlier this year, we tasted the 2008 Shiraz, also lovely and similarly rated.  The wine is made from grapes grown in four vineyards of the Barossa Hills.
Very dark in color, the perfumed nose offers blackberries, spice and a touch of vanilla.  It has lots of rich, supple fruit, blackberries, cherries and hints of vanilla and spice, with soft tannins.  The wine is delicious now for the fruit – Highly Recommended.  Vintage point LLC, Sonoma, CA.  $12.39 2-yellow-stars



Chateau Bel Air 2005 Bordeaux Superior

OK.  If you are tired of the hype and prices of 2009 Bordeaux, how about this “Bordeaux Superior” for the unbelievable price of $7.99?
Dark in color, the wine has a lovely perfume of cassis and cedar.  The fruit is supple and lush again with flavors of cassis and cedar.  A balanced, delicious wine, it is elegant yet flavorful and will keep – Highly Recommended.  Misa Imports, Dallas, TX.  $7.99  2-yellow-stars Best Buy