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While shopping at Trader Joe’s as I often do, something caught my eye. It was a 2010 VINTJS Pinot Gris Willamette Valley, Oregon for $5.99. Why not? I love Pinot Gris and this wine, produced and bottled by Joe, Dundee Oregon, had Trader Joe’s stamped all over it. So I plucks down my bucks and I takes my chances!

At home, with the wine well chilled, I opened it and smelled and tasted it. Snake eyes! Pale color, faint perfume, light, simple and thin, yikes! Shame on me and shame on Dundee Joe. This doesn’t work. So what is one to do? Drum roll please! Blending Man to the rescue!!

Here’s what your super hero did – Add a bit of a fruity, but soft, rather flat, Rosé, 2009 Festival Bordeaux Rosé made from parcels of Chateau Le Gay in Pomerol, that I bought for $4.99 and found out that was about what it is worth. First, 10% – better than the Pinot Gris, but not as good as the Rosé. Second, 25% – better than the first blend, but still could use a bit more zip. Third, 50% – I’m all in with a 50/50 blend and it is a win win. Both bottles together made a gorgeous Rosé with fruit, flavor, and a nice crispness. Hey Dundee Joe, get your hands on some dull Rosé and kick your Dundee up a notch!

And, dear readers, when you screw up and roll snake eyes, like I did, don’t despair. Play the Blending Game! You could still roll a winner!!

In Vino Veritas,Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard

John Tilson