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Occasionally, something comes along that is new to us which we embrace immediately as if it were a long lost friend. So it is for me with Malbec & Torrontes.

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I had heard of Malbec, but never really paid much attention to it until I started looking for wines for my Dueling Inexpensive Red Wine Line-Up article (see Featured Wine Articles 5/2/11). Two of the best wines were Malbecs including a stunning 2009 Dona Paula Estate Malbec and a 2009 Kirkland Signature Malbec. Both offer one of the best dollar value/quality price ratios of any red wines in recent memory. Likewise, Torrontes was a white wine discovery I made when I was accumulating wines for my Under The Radar 2009 Wines article (see Distinctive New Wines 10/1/10). This article featured the first two Torrontes that I had ever tasted, the 2009 Inacayal Vineyards Torrontes and the 2009 Zolo Torrontes. Before that, I had never heard of Torrontes. Since then, I have tasted one other one (see Distinctive New Wines 5/8/11 Call For Torrontes…), the 2009 Trapiche Torrontes. All are outstanding and represent excellent value.

So if you think you cannot drink really terrific red and white wine for a low double digit dollar number, think again. It’s Malbec & Torrontes to the rescue. They are stunning wines that are ready to play on Broadway. The entry prices now are a modest $20-$3o dollars for most performances of the dynamic duo. Torrontes is great with lighter foods and best well chilled and drunk young. It is delicious and unique. Malbec is best with heartier fare such as meat dishes. It drinks well young and will keep for an extended period as well. As a pair they are unequaled for versatility, value, and pleasure. You need the dynamic duo. But, please do not wait for the Tony awards, the crowds, and higher prices. Don’t cry for me Argentina. The answer was here all the time. So don’t wait any longer. Follow the Underground and experience the incredible dynamic duo of Malbec & Torrontes for yourself. There are many to choose from to make your pairings. And, I am sure you will give them a standing ovation!

In Vino Veritas,Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard

John Tilson