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Chef Roberto Cortez has created a new concept in dining. He calls it CR8. Basically, it involves creating a new environment in the dining realm while utilizing and exploring all sensory actions that leads to a new experience. With CR8, every element of the room, tablescape, auditory environment along with food and wine strategically structured with ever changing concepts brings new experiences to the diner.

I have written about Roberto and his fabulous food in a previous article. (To read that article click here [1])

Now with this new concept Roberto has taken the dining experience to a new level. If you love great food and a great dining experience you really need to get in touch with Roberto. You can contact him and learn about his new CR8 concept by going to www.robertocortez.com/blog/cr8 [2].  Here you can view a film showing his creativity and then scroll down to see a film about what diners are saying about the CR8 experience. And you can ask about dates for the next CR8 series.

In Vino Veritas,

John Tilson