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santa claus drunk [1]

Just when we thought we had seen and heard of everything in the world of wine, guess what? It ain’t so! There is something new and now that the holidays are approaching some wine drinkers are really buzzed. This might be the gift idea of the year. Maybe it’s a gift for a wine snob friend?  Or maybe it’s a stocking stuffer for Santa to keep him from going out the chimney? I don’t know. This is one I cannot figure out. So I will not be giving or, hopefully, receiving this gift this year. But, for those of you that might what to join the buzz, here’s the scoop.

The wine comes from New Zealand. Now when I think of New Zealand wines I think of lovely, crisp wines like Sauvignon Blanc or elegant, fruity Pinot Noir. However, this wine has nothing to do with those wines. It is something beyond – way beyond! I see someone on the internet is asking for a review. Well folks, don’t look at me. This is not my style.

Someone also suggested that it might be a three digit wonder. Again, points are not for me, so I cannot judge. That’s up to the big number boys. But, one thing is for certain, it’s for sure moving in the three digit direction as the intensity and alcohol are apparently off the charts. That I suppose is what is generating the buzz. So without further adieu,


drum roll [2]

And, magically, here comes the monster, Houdini-like, triple digit heavy weight contender – PURPLE DEATH !

Purple Death [3]

So if any of you think this is the gift idea of the year, go for it! (If you would like information on how to order this wine click here [4]) But, please leave me off your list! However, if any of you out there have the stomach for this bad boy, feel free to send in your note. No hurry, it can be anytime after you recover!


In Vino Veritas,Sig

John Tilson