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Within weeks of publishing the Underground wine fraud article (To read that article click here [2]),  a small group of people lead by Geoffrey Troy, an Underground contributing editor, and Don Cornwell, a diligent investigator of wine fraud and preoxidation or Premox in White Burgundies, discovered discrepancies in an up coming wine auction. Don posted the story on February 4, 2012 in Wine Berzerkers and it was published in the Underground the same day. Then, Geoffrey and Don, joined by Douglas Barzelay, a noted Burgundy aficionado based in New York, and others produced very specific evidence of many discrepancies for Domaine Romanée Conti wines in the sale. Don put the comprehensive list together and again posted it on Wine Berzerkers February 6, 2011 and, as of this date, I have updated my previous article to include it. (To read the updated article click here [3]) Let’s hope that there is some explanation for the discrepancies. But, at the very least, it certainly does raise a lot of questions about the “experts” who are supposedly carefully examining wines for sale.

In Vino Veritas,Sig

John Tilson