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The Brigades Battle The Ban As Chefs Challenge California Bureaucrats

Contributing editor Cary Feibleman just posted an article entitled “The Duck Stops Here” (You can read it by clicking here [1]).  The article refers to banning Foie Gras in California and dictating the ban by legislative fiat. Make no mistake, for most great chefs, one of the greatest food ingredients in the world for them to prepare is fresh foie gras. So I guess this is the 1%. Now many of the greatest chefs in the world have joined the protest against the latest of California’s frivolous and politically motivated laws to ban this great food that has existed for thousands of years. More recently, the bureaucrats are standing firm in favor of the ban saying they have “more important things to do.” Geez, I wonder what the thought process was when they enacted the ban? (To read the articles click here [2]So you decide. Foie Gras or not Foie Gras?  Who should make the decision? California bureaucrats?  Well…! Like I said, you decide.


In Vino Veritas,Sig

John Tilson