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I recently posted an article about buying a wine that looked like a rosé, but did not taste like a rosé. Rosé or no I did not care for the wine (to read that article click here [1]).  

If you screw up like I did with the “rosé” and have a wine you do not like and are out some bucks (in this case $12.99), don’t despair.



This is the perfect time for the Blending Game. I happened to be finishing up a series of Blending Game tastings that will be the basis of a future Blending Game article. I had a some two buck chuck left over. I made a good blend with 1/3 Two Buck Chuck (2010 Charles Shaw Cabernet Sauvignon) and 2/3 the non-rosé rosé (2011 Domaine Des Masques Essentielle Syrah–Grenache) both at refrigerator temperature. So stuff happens!  Yet it is possible to make sour grapes into something pleasing. This is one example. The Two Buck Chuck is light and simple, but has fruit.  The non-rosé rosé is also light and crisp, but without much fruit or flavor. The blend was like a light, simple, fruity rosé and it was quite nice. On their own, not my glass of wine, but blended not bad!  Stay tuned for a future edition of the Blending Game which will be your salvation when you inadvertently buy wines you don’t like so much! It will also feature an exposé that is likely to grab your grapes! Don’t miss it!


In Vino Veritas,Sig

John Tilson