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The prefect wine? This is the question posed in Forbes Life Summer 2012 edition. Often wines are pronounced perfect for reasons that may not be perceptible to many of us. Consider the following:

Now we have another proclamation of the perfect wine, but this time with no number!  So just maybe it could be creditable.  Well, if  it is so, then what is it?  Take a guess!

Well before I unveil the winner let me give you a hint. Basically, it is that some folks are catching on to the point that a wine does not have to be big, dense, and alcoholic to warrant your attention. In fact, that is the way to 100 points, but it is not the way to enjoyment for many of us who like balanced wines that complement food rather than over power it. So the article says “Surprise. It’s Rosé.” That goes along with what I have been saying (to read that article click here [1]). The article also has an eclectic, and seemingly politically correct,  selection of 6 different rosés. Two are from France, and there is one each from Spain, Italy, Oregon, and California.  And, the article goes on to say that Rosé wine “…may be the world’s sexiest beverage.” Really? Does that seal the deal for you? Then why not pick your sexiest food and go for it!

But, I had no more than read this than I get something else on the internet. Here’s a “flash” offer from a retailer who seems desperate to tie a rosé to big points: “Beat The Heat With This Rosé From 98+ Point Haut Bailly” Maybe this is for a numbers drinker who forgot to look at the rosé part. But, who cares? A rose is a rose is a rose, but a rosé is a rosé is a rosé (To read more click here [2])  For those of us who love rosé, numbers don’t matter. Pick a style and enjoy! Don’t be spoiled by numbers.

But rosé seems to be coming out of the closet. And, like I said in the earlier article, let’s just hope that one of the big numbers boys does not give a rosé 100 points. That could spoil the party for all of us. For now, that seems pretty remote. You see that is not how 100 points works. So for Rosé to get 100 points the whole system would be turned on its head. Well, maybe that would not be such a bad thing. “Drink what you like & like what you drink” That’s the Underground motto.  (To read that article click here [3]) So please pass the rosé and damn the numbers!


In Vino Veritas,Sig

John Tilson