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After some 40 years of pondering over all the problems of scoring systems, I have had a change of heart. So if you can’t beat em, join em! In fact, take it to another level.  So here it is – the new Underground scoring system. I have tried to make it as accurate as possible based on 1000 points as the perfect score. These are the inaugural results:

1) Beautiful color like a fine gemstone. There is a soaring perfume with the essence of fresh forest and slate and a nuance of Oriental limequat. Liquid jade and fresh hints of ocean breezes with creamy undertones amaze and entice. You have to buy this. It just doesn’t get any better! 1000 Points.

2) Great color like a cloudy multi-dimensional sky. Soaring aromas of everything organic and pure are mind boggling. And an amazing palate impression assaults you like a jet plane on lift off. Maybe lacking just a bit in the great gemstone nuance, but still simply amazing!  999 Points.

3) Another color like the deep Baltic sea after a storm with lots of algae and moss. There is a great perfume of sea salt and fresh garden flowers intermingled with recreational herbs that simply puts you in a state of euphoria.  Flavorful, buttery, and extracted with faint citrus nuances and a nice underlying crispness is the lasting impression along with a dizzy swirl of magic carpets floating through space. It’s tough to stay coherent with this beauty!  998 Points.

So there you have it – the top 3 on the new Underground hit parade! One more hint, they are all readily available and not expensive. They are the greatest buys ever and not to be missed. Drop everything and buy these today. They will not last long. You are simply a fool if you do not respond immediately before these gems are sucked up by those in the know!

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