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wine box [1]

Yes there is such a thing and guess what pops out?

 jack in the box [2]

No! But how about this?

 wine in a bag [3]

The bag is not so pretty. And, it is not likely to be a collectable. But, what about the wine inside the bag? Here’s the scoop:

rose wine and roses [4]

2014 Arrumaco Garnacha Rosé, Vino de España.
This is the first time Hand Picked Selections has imported this wine. They imported another rosé in a bag in box (BiB) last year and it was a big hit. That one was from Provence and it was priced 50% more than this one. However, due to lack of supply, that wine was soon discontinued. They then went to Spain seeking a replacement. This wine is made from 100% Garnacha grown in the Galicia region of Spain. I am told that it is made in a traditional way the same as wine that would go into bottles. If you are like me, this may be the first time you ever had a BiB (bag in box) wine. And, I am not advocating that BiBs are all created equal. And, I am sure there are a lot of BiBs whose primary appeal is price.  But, in this case we have a BiB that is imported by one of the best importers of rosé wines and it is certainly worth buying. So here are directions. The box should be placed in the refrigerator. When it is cold you open the box, take out the bag, and pull a tag off the spigot. Then press down to pour into your glass. Pretty simple. But how is the wine? Here is my note:

The wine is a light red color with a pink hue and has a subtle floral perfume with hints of strawberry. Light, crisp, and fresh with faint hints of strawberry and citrus it is very enjoyable and delightfully easy to drink – Recommended Plus. $30 per 3 liter bag  Imported by Hand Picked Selections Warrentown, VA

book [5]

Just as a book should not be judged by its cover, here is a wine that should not be judged by its container. I did just that and as I did the bag deflated.

deflated wine bag [6]You should do the same. Pour the wine in a glass. Swirl it. Smell it. Drink it. The wine is very enjoyable with a modest price of about $7.50 per equivalent 750 bottle. And, it lasts beautifully for weeks in the refrigerator. Just put the bag back in the box and take it out whenever you want a glass. I drank a glass or two of the wine many times over a period of 6 weeks. For the first 5 weeks it was virtually the same glass after glass. In the 6th week there was still some of the wine in the bag. It had lost a bit of freshness, but was still nice. I doubt that most people would keep the wine this long, but the point is that the wine will keep for a very long time in the refrigerator. This makes the wine very convenient and handy when you are thirsty for a quick glass of rosé or serving a large group!

In Vino Veritas? Yes. Always. This time you will to find it in the BiB!

rose time [7]