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glasses of rose [1]

Like I have been doing every year for decades, I am buying and drinking a lot of different rosés this year. As I have said earlier, the 2014 rosés seem particularly bright and crisp (to read an earlier article on 2014 rosés click here [2]). My rosé buying adventures always take me to many areas of the world as I am very curious and always willing to try a new one. France is the leading producer of rosés in the world and another article featuring only 2014 French Rosés will follow shortly. This article is focused on rosés from several different countries that are made from many different grape varieties. Included are some old favorites and some new ones. Of the new ones, there are several that are indeed very special. So get in the game. It’s time for rosés! And rosés just also happen to be amongst the most food friendly of all wines and certainly at the top of the list for just pure refreshment and enjoyment (to read an article on this subject click here [3]).


I am not very familiar with rosés from Argentina. Here is a note on one that is new to me.

2014 Bodega Chacra Mainque Rosé Patagonia Argentina
Made from Pinot Noir, this rosé has 14% alcohol and is robust and quite rich. Light red in color with an amber edge, the wine has a very fruity perfume and it rounded and soft with lots of ripe plum and berry fruit. Straightforward and full, the wine has early appeal particularly with very savory foods. It drinks almost like a red wine, but interestingly without a lot of varietal character. Unusual, but may be worth a try – Recommended.     $22     Imported by Grand Cru Selections, New York, NY


When it comes to pink wines, California is still better known for White Zinfandel, a soft, sweetish quaffing wine, than for dry rosés that are made to accompany food. Yet every year, more and more new California dry rosés come on the market. This year Calera produced a stunning Vin Gris of Pinot Noir for the first time (to read my article click here [4]). And, consistently Tablas Creek makes lovely rosés (to read and article on those wines click here [5]). Every year (including this year) I try some new California rosés, but I do not find most of them appealing enough to recommend. And, generally California rosés are priced at or above the prices of some of the very best imported rosés which makes them even less appealing. But, there are some exceptions. Besides the Calera and Tablas Creek rosés, here is another terrific California Rosé that I have enjoyed in the past. It is very consistent and very special.

 Bedrock rosé [6]

2014 Bedrock Ode to Lulu Old Vine Rosé California
This winery is making some terrific wines from old vines fruit (to read more about Bedrock Wine Company and their wines click here). [7]  This rosé is no exception and it is very consistent and really special. It is made from old vines Mouvèdre from Bedrock Vineyard and Pagani Ranch combined with over a century old Grenache planted at Gibson Ranch in McDowell Valley and 60 year old Carignane from Ukiah. The wine is beautifully balanced with only 12.3% alcohol and has a very light pink color with a golden edge. The floral perfume is gorgeous with raspberry and a faint hint of spice and the wine is very bright and fresh with very pure fruit showing hints of raspberry and citrus with a faint spiciness and a nice crispness. This is a flavorful rosé with a lot of character and great style – Outstanding.       $19.95


Make no mistake about it Germany is making some seriously delicious rosés. Below are 3 really terrific ones. If you have not yet tried a German rosé here is a great place to start!

 2014 German rosé [8]

2014 Meyer-Nakel Spatburgunder Rosé Ahr
With a very light reddish color with a pink hue and golden edge this rosé has a gorgeous perfume of cherry, watermelon, and strawberry showing a faint floral tinge. Loaded with very pure fruit strawberry, cherry, and watermelon show a kaleidoscope of flavors with a bright acidity. This is an absolutely stunning rosé – Outstanding Plus.   $25.95    Imported by Rudi Weist Cellars International Inc. San Marcos, CA

2014 Von Buhl Spatburgunder Rosé Trocken Rheinhessen
Light reddish orange color with a golden hue this rosé has a lovely perfume showing cherry and raspberry with floral citrus tinges. It has lots of fruit and is elegant yet lush with cherry and raspberry flavors accented by hints of citrus and a lovely crisp finish – Outstanding.   $15.95     Imported by Rudi Weist Cellars International Inc. San Marcos, CA

2014 Wagner-Stempel Rosé Trocken Rheinhessen
With a pale reddish pink color and a golden hue this rosé has lovely floral perfume with cherry nuances and a faint kiss of spice. It is very bright and crisp with a very faint petillance and shows citrus tinged raspberry fruit with lovely flavors and beautiful balance. All in all a delicious rosé – Outstanding.    $16.95     Imported by Rudi Weist Cellars International Inc. San Marcos, CA


Italy makes some really lovely rosés. Here are notes on one that I have been drinking year in and year out for a very long time and several new ones.

2014 Scalabrone rosé [9]

2014 Marchesi Antinori Guado Al Tasco Scalabrone Rosato Bolgheri
I first tasted this rose on an early trip to Italy many years ago. We loved it and drank it every time we came across it. When I returned to the US I was told that it was not imported here. I do not know if that was true or not, but I could not find it here. Later, I came across it in New York. It is now imported here and is a consistently beautiful, finesseful, and flavorful rose. This 2014 is no exception.
Light pink in color with a golden hue, the wine has a lovely floral perfume with hints of raspberry and cherry. The fruit is very pure and shows hints of cherry and raspberry with tinge of spice and a faint underlying floral note. With a lovely crispness this is a delicious rosé with balance, finesse, and flavor – Outstanding.     $18     Imported by Ste Michelle Wine Estates Ltd Woodinville, WA

 Italian rose 2 [10]

2014 Calcagno Etna Rosato Arcurin
Pale orange pink in color with a golden edge this rosé has a deep floral perfume with faint hints of exotic spice. It shows great spice tinged tropical fruit and is lush and rounded with deep flavors and a bright underlying crispness – Outstanding.   $18.95   Selection Jeff Morgenthal  Imported by T Elenteny Imports  New York, NY

 2014 Italian rose Casanova [11]

2014 Casanova Della Spinetta Rosato Toscano
This wine is made with Sangiovese and Prugnolo Gentile grapes with minimal skin contact and a few months on the lees. The rhino is on the label reportedly because the proprietor likes the work of the artist who made the drawing. No matter. This is a terrific rosé with great style and finesse. It is very pale golden pink in color and has a gorgeous floral perfume with citrus tinges and faint hints of spice. Elegant, bright, crisp, and finesseful with 12% alcohol, this wine shows subtle hints of apricot and citrus with a faint floral nuance and is delicious and refreshing. It is a real pleasure to drink – Outstanding.     $17    Imported by Indigenous Selections LLC  Ft Lauderdale, FLA

2014 Colle Stefano Marche Rosato “Rosa di Elena”
This rosé has a pale pink color with a golden edge and a lovely perfume with fiant hints of cherry. With 11% alcohol the wine is bright, fresh, and crisp with hints of cherry and citrus and very finesseful and easy to drink – Highly Recommended Plus.   $16.95    Imported by Oliver McCrum Wines  Napa, CA


Although rosés from Portugal are not often seen, there are some really good ones out there and are definitely worth trying. Here is a really delicious one that also happens to be a great bargain!

Portugese rose [12]

2014 Herdade do Rocim Mariana Rosé Alentejano
Made with 60% Touriga Nacional and 40% Aragonez this rosé has a pale pink color with a golden hue and a lovely floral perfume with hints of melon and a faint hint of mango. It has gorgeous floral tinged fruit with hints of apricot and mango and is beautifully balanced with a bright crispness – Outstanding.     $9.95     Best Buy     Imported by Langdon Shiverick, Inc.  Los Angeles, CA


Spanish rosés are very consistent. There are some really good ones and often they are very well priced. Here are some examples.

2014 Amezetoi rosé [13]

2014 Ameztoi Getariako Txakolina Rubentis Rosé
Just five minutes down the coast from San Sebastian, Ameztoi’s vineyards overlook the Atlantic Ocean. The Ameztoi family has been making wine here for seven generations, utilizing the indigenous Hondarribi Zuri and Hondarribi Beltza grapes.
Every year this rosé gets my award for having the most difficult to pronounce name. That doesn’t change. But the wine does and I find this 2014 to be the best of all the recent vintages that I have tasted or maybe I am just getting used to it! At any rate, it is unusual and very attractive. The wine has a pale pink color and a lovely perfume showing raspberry and citrus. With 11% alcohol it is very finesseful and very bright and crisp with a slight spritz that accents the crispness. The fruit is very pure and hints of raspberry and tart cherry are accented by a touch of citrus. This rosé has achieved somewhat of a cult status and if you like a very dry, crisp, and refreshing rosé you may want to join the group – Outstanding.     $19.95     Imported by De Maison Selections, Inc.  Chapel Hill, NC

2014 Mugna Rosé Rioja
With a very light pink color showing a golden hue this rosé has a lovely perfume that is very faintly floral and with hints of strawberry and a faint spice. Very finesseful and fruity with suggestions of melon and strawberry with a faint citrus tinge this is a really nice rosé at an attractive price – Highly Recommended Plus.     $14.50     Imported by The Henry Wine Group Benicia, CA

2014 Ostatu Rosado Rioja Altavesa
Very light orange pink in color this rosé has a subtle perfume with hints of spice and a faint floral/herbal note. It has lovely fruit with strawberry and citrus nuances accented by a hint of fresh herbs. Finesseful and very tasty with a nice underlying crispness this is a delicious value priced rosé – Highly Recommended Plus.   $13.95    Imported by De Maison Selections, Inc.   Chapel Hill, NC

2014 Sierra Cantabria Rosé Rioja
Made from 50% Viura, 30% Grenacha, and 20% Tempranillo, this rosé is pale orange pink in color with a golden hue and has a subtle floral perfume. It is light, elegant, and finesseful with faints hints of melon and strawberry and a nice crispness on the finish. This is a very easy to drink rosé and is very attractively priced – Highly Recommended.    $10.95     Imported by The Henry Wine Group  Benicia, CA

2014 Txomin Etxopniz Getariako Txakolina Rosé
This is my first time to taste this wine. Now we have another candidate for the rosé with the most difficult to pronounce name. Other than that, it is similar to the 2014 Ameztoi Getariako Txakolina Rubentis Rosé without the spritz. Light pink in color the wine has a nice perfume of raspberry and citrus. With just 10.5% alcohol, it is very bright and crisp with citrus and raspberry tinged fruit – Highly Recommended.     $24     Imported by The Henry Wine Group  Benicia, CA

2014 Viña Real Rosado Rioja
Pale orange pink in color with a golden hue this rosé has a lovely floral perfume with hints of fresh herbs. The fruit is very much in evidence with strawberry and citrus accented by herbal and floral undertones and a faint hint of spice. Elegant and flavorful with a bright underlying crispness this is a delicious rosé at a very attractive price – Highly Recommended Plus.   $12.95   Imported by Europvin USA  Van Nuys, CA

So there you have it – another shopping list for 2014 rosés (to read my first article on 2014 roses click here [14]). And, to help you in your selections, especially look for rosés which are imported by the following companies:

These are consistently some of the best importers of a wide range of rosés. And don’t forget Rudi Weist Cellars International Inc. San Marcos, CA who only imports German wines including German Rosés such as those reviewed in this article.

Next will be notes on a lot more 2014 French Rosés. I hope you are trying many of them. There are a lot of outstanding wines as you will soon see in my upcoming article. Happy hunting and bonne dégustation!