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 Drum-Roll-Please [1]
The 1000 point wine scoring system to replace an already exaggerated 100 point wine scoring system is one of the things I have joked about for years (to read an article on the absurdity of 1000 point scoring click here [2]). But, guess what? In today’s strange world the 1000 point score is here and at least one person thinks it is serious. There is even a website to give you a “360 degree perspective” incorporated in the 1000 points. So if you really need to read all about the 1000 system click here [3]).  And, yes I read the article, but to me a 1000 point wine scoring system meets my definition of “garbage in, garbage out!”

1000 points [4]
You see, 1000 points for wine scoring is just 10X more exaggerated that the 100 point wine scoring system. Maybe I will hold out for the 1,000,000 point system. That would be really serious and take us into another world all together. So onward and upward until we get to the point where everything is so complicated that we forget about why we started in the first place. That would really bring us full circle and totally  immersed in the world of chaos!

In Vino Veritas,Sig

John Tilson