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Yes, again it is hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And, we have already been shopping for our Thanksgiving provisions including small organic free range turkeys which we will roast on the rotisserie.



The turkey we will slice and serve with our usual array of side dishes accompanied by a variety of different wines followed by desert which always includes Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie (to see recipes for our side dishes click here [3]).


This year for wine I plan to serve our traditional cocktail to start (Sparkling Bourgogne with cherries in liqueur) with appetizers and our traditional dishes (click here [3]for the recipes).


And, for wine with dinner I am planning on having 2018 German Rosés (click here [6] to read an article on German Rosés) an old Tempier Bandol Rosé, an old Cru Beaujolais (probably from one of the “gang of four” Marcel Lapierre, Jean Foillard, Jean-Paul Thévenet, Guy Breton), and, of course, an old Ridge Geyserville which is a great and unique American wine that is ideally suited for a unique American holiday and is also a great match for the food served at Thanksgiving (click here [7]to read an article featuring the most recent Geyserville release).

You can also find more ideas for your Thanksgiving meal in my previous articles (click here [8]to read my last year’s Thanksgiving article which also at the end has links to all of my previous Thanksgiving articles which have a lot more ideas for food and wine for Thanksgiving).


And, again this year we have much to be thankful for and look forward to being with family and friends here at our home. It is a very special time of the year and my very favorite meal of the year. And, as an added bonus, for all of my years, Thanksgiving has nearly always been a gorgeous day here. Best wishes to all of you for a wonderful Thanksgiving!