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There is nothing in the world like Champagne. It is simply phenomenal and has no equal. Yet as good as it is there is one thing that is even better. That is well cellared old Champagne! The transition between young Champagne and old Champagne is simply magical.


For Christmas I opened a bottle of 1988 Drappier Blanc de Blanc. I expected it to be really good since it was Drappier from a long lived vintage (to read an article on this great under the radar Champagne producer click here [1]). But it exceeded my most optimistic expectations. It was simply one of the best bottles of Champagne I have ever had. Time had worked its magic and converted a really lovely young Champagne into a magical elixir. With a deep golden color it had a stunning floral, citrus, butterscotch tinged perfume. On the palate the wine was rich, full, and creamy yet with a bright  crispness underneath. Complex butterscotch tinged flavors with exotic floral citrus tinges were accentuated with a long, lingering finish that was really impressive – Extraordinary Plus.

Now what to drink for the New Year! So many choices. So little time.