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On Saturday I took a bottle of ’78 DRC Montrachet to Providence, the fish restaurant in Los Angeles. It was in great shape and had the same intense yellow color of a recently tasted, still youthful and backward, 2002 Coche Dury Les Caillerets. The DRC is full bodied, with great intensity, complexity, mouthfilling flavors and perfect balance.

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Is “Sanity” Returning To The Market?

Is “Sanity” is returning to the market? Recently I have received offers on 2006 Petrus and Ausone that are down about two-thirds from the peak. These are wines that received scores “only” in the low to mid-90s. So far four figure pricing only holds in Robert Parker-anointed, best of the century (frequently twice, thrice a decade) vintages.

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An Accidental Thanksgiving Discovery

This may be in all the cookbooks and I have simply never come across it, but in making the traditional apple pie, my wife forgot to peel the green and red apples. We discovered it as she was putting on the top layer of dough. We decided to let “let’r rip” and it was a fantastic discovery.

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Are You Ready For Something Different?

Asian Style Braised Pork Belly
Try this dish. It is very delicious, tender and fabulous. Chilled Beaujolais is delicious with it and I also think a nice, crisp Gewurztraminer would be a natural.

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Thoughts On Provenance

Reading John Tilson’s notes on the Old Burgundians’ tastings makes one appreciate provenance. I think that when it comes to appreciating Burgundy, New Yorkers and much of the Eastern wine drinking public came late to the party when it came to appreciating wines from the Cote. New York, like Paris, has always been a Bordeaux town.

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