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Five Lovely Red and White Wines from Northern California

The five wines tasted here from Northern California were a delightful surprise to me. My palate usually leans toward European wines. I like earth, unadulterated purity, varietal correctness, balanced alcohol and wines that are made to be aged.

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Dom Pérignon in the Napa Valley

Monday evening, an intimate affair was hosted at a private residence in the Napa Valley to celebrate the wines of Dom Pérignon, while offering a rare insight of upcoming releases for 2010. This is part of a subtle global effort to selectively feature some exclusive offerings—yet to be released—including the Dom Pérignon 2002 vintage (set to release this fall), Dom Pérignon Œnothèque from the 1996 and 1969 vintages and, not lastly, the launch of Dom Pérignon Rosé Œnothèque.

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MEZCAL: Liquid Art

How one man’s beautiful obsession sparked a rebirth of the Americas’ oldest spirit. You find yourself tearing down a seemingly endless dirt road—a rooster tail of dust marking a chaotic path as your body jolts athwart the backseat. The oscillating radio signal renders faint traces of a narco-ballad on the blown out speakers of Ron […]

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