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  In the very early days of the online Underground I posted an article I had published in 1983 in the print version of  The Underground Wineletter (Volume V, Number 5) and added a postscript with some new wines to add to that list. Just to show that great old wines never fade away, the […]

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A Story Of A Recent Tasting Of 1986 Dominus Estate Dominus Estate was established in 1982. It began with a partnership of Robin Lail and Marcia Smith, the daughters of John Daniel Jr., the owner of Inglenook winery, and Christian Moueix of Chateau Petrus. The vineyards that were to be the basis of Dominus Estate […]

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Retrospective Review: Volume 1, Number 6 (June-July, 1980)

With Volume I, Number 6 in June-July 1980, we ended our first year of publication. My lead editorial was a glimpse of things to come and was titled “It’s Our Anniversary! But The Best Is Yet To Come!” In it I talked about the launch of our barrels and bottles feature which would review wines in barrel and bottle before they were released for sale. The idea which was to prove to be the wave of the future was “to evaluate some of the best wines before they begin their way through the retail trade.” I stated our intention to focus on fine wines exclusively – Chardonnay, Cabernet both old and new and other California wines such as Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and Gewurztraminer, and also Vintage Ports. And French wines, 1978 Burgundies, 1978 Bordeaux and Sauternes, plus older Bordeaux vintage reviews 1970, 1966, 1961, 1928 and 1929 and a review of Chateau Petrus from 1920-1976. These reviews of older vintages were timely because the older wines were readily available at auctions in England and then through wine merchants in Europe and the U.S. And, it is important to remember, that this was before the plague of wine fraud was to rear its ugly head!

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