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Is Beer the Next Wine?

If you’ve slowly moved away from drinking beer toward the more interesting and varied world of wine and spirits, it may be time to revisit the beer aisle—but it won’t be for just another six-pack of Bud or Mille Lite. Things have changed in the beer world. Although U.S. wine consumption recently outpaced that of beer for the first time ever, most of that gain came from the mega brands, in terms of lost market share.

Several forces are at work to get you back to the joys of beer drinking. Local brewpubs are nothing new but they have expanded to the suburbs in most cities, bringing fresh, interesting “craft” brews to more people. And the quality seems to consistently improve. Import lines increase every year. From Belgian Ale to Oatmeal Stouts and Smoked Beers, things are getting a lot more exciting. In the case of “Extreme” beers with unheard of alcohol levels, some as high as 20 per cent, things get much more exciting.

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Confessions of An Addict

Marrying wine with food is the ultimate. Most people enjoy good food. A very small percentage of the population even enjoys fine wine. And, an even smaller percentage has the ability to match great food and great wine. It is an art. Someday we will write on our favorite wine and food combinations. For now, something more suited to every day fare.

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Ridge Vineyards Monte Bello Retrospective Dinner

The Ridge Vineyards Retrospective Dinner with Paul Draper took place at the elegant Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara on April 4, 2009.  The dinner was presented on behalf of the 2008 Central Coast Wine Classic by wine collectors John and Laurie Tilson of Montecito who contributed the wines from their collection.  This great event, […]

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Response to our new publication has been great. There’s obviously a lot of interest in intelligent, unbiased commentary on wine. We’re often asked about this wine or that, but occasionally we’re asked why the name “Underground”? Are we terrorists? Perhaps a reincarnation of the Weathermen? Are our foreign correspondents disciples of Che Guevara? No. Nary a machine gun or shoulder holster anywhere. Our interest is strictly fine wine—drinking it and reporting on its merits as objectively as humanly possible.

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Over the years many of us have decried the often commercial, many times self-serving or inaccurate information available about wine. An obvious solution would be to publish our own subscription letter. Some of the most experienced and knowledgeable wine tasters/collectors/and consumers have joined together to publish what we plan to be the most candid and comprehensive commentary available on fine wine anywhere…

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