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The Brigades Battle The Ban As Chefs Challenge California Bureaucrats Contributing editor Cary Feibleman just posted an article entitled “The Duck Stops Here” (You can read it by clicking here).  The article refers to banning Foie Gras in California and dictating the ban by legislative fiat. Make no mistake, for most great chefs, one of […]

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Food by Roberto Cortez – Wine by The Underground

Roberto Cortez creates some of the finest food I have ever eaten. And, this opinion is shared by my wife Laurie, and many of our friends who have experienced his food. There are several things about Roberto that make him unique. One is that his food knows no boundaries. It is not nouvelle, it is not Asian-fusion, it is not California cuisine, it is not classical French, it is not Italian. These are some of the things it is not. But, then what is it? Well, I would say that it is flavor cuisine presented as art.

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