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VANCOUVER RARITIES DINNER FEATURING BURGUNDY FEBRUARY 3, 2015 HOSTED BY ALBERT GIVTON   The excellent Blue Water Café in Vancouver with renowned Chef Frank Pabst on February 3 was the site for another always interesting wine rarities event organized by Albert Givton featuring this time top Burgundy. As a long time good friend of Albert’s […]

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Canapés and Savories

It has always been my opinion that the perfect way to begin a very special evening is with a great bottle or two of Champagne and some interesting canapés. I enjoy the stimulation to both the senses and the appetite that a selection of beautifully presented nibbles offers. When accompanied by the world's most celebrated wine, Champagne — the combination is irresistible!

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A Visit With Robert Lawrence Balzer — Grand Ambassador of American Wine Culture

Robert, the first serious wine journalist in the U.S., has been a wine writer for close to 70 years. I had not seen him since his birthday before last and he will be 98 in June. A true Renaissance man and an epicurean, Robert has been a retailer, an actor, a restaurateur, a Buddhist monk, a flight instructor during World War II, a wine instructor and the author of 11 books.

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