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  It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost that time again -Time to bring in the new and say goodbye to  the past. And, what a year it has been. It was minor in the scheme of things. But in the wine world we were shaken by the confirmation that wine merchant Premier Cru was […]

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  Burgundy is a very special place in many respects. But one thing I have always found interesting is how certain vineyards and producers fade in and out of favor over time. At least this has been true for the 40 some years that I have been drinking and visiting Burgundy. A case in point […]

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A Burgundy Story

One of the challenges of Burgundy is to simplify it. Many owners of parcels within the same vineyards makes generalization difficult. For with Burgundy, you need to know the vineyards and the producers.

Here is a story of the creation of four great Domaines in Chassagne Montrachet and the creation of a great Montrachet and its history.

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Champagne — The Wine of Kings

Few wines captivate us to the extent that Champagne does.  Champagne is not just a wine; it’s also a state of mind.  Enjoying the luxury of Champagne is what made Dom Perignon exclaim at his first sip, “Come quickly, I am drinking the stars.” Legend has it that Marilyn Monroe once took a bath in […]

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