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This seems like a simple answer: wine. But, what is in wine? That’s another question. I have been pondering on it a lot. (To read my article on this subject click here) So I still have no idea of what is in wine besides fermented grape juice and a few other traditional things. Nor does […]

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I just returned from Burgundy where I tasted 2010 wines from barrel as well as some 2009s and older wines from bottle. I was accompanied by my friends and contributing editors, Geoffrey Troy and John Brincko. Geoffrey has been with me on the trip since our first visit in 1981 along with my friend and […]

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Recently, I published an article entitled “A Grand Event: Featuring Old California Wines From Pioneer Producers.” It related to a tasting of old California wines hosted by K&L Wines. Darrell Corti and I were invited guests (Click here to read the article). After the article was published Darrell sent this note. It adds color and […]

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Do you get email notices about great deals? I do. And I am sure a lot of you do too. The problem is that nearly all of them are based on some big number score from some “wine expert.” Hah, I hate to burst your bubble, but there is no such thing!

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I have said many times that I think the most versatile of all wines with food is Champagne. And, since I eat my own cooking, I drink a lot of Champagne. Almost without exception, every evening meal for us begins with Champagne. In fact, my wife Laurie, expects there to be cold Champagne ready before dinner well in advance. If I fall down on this job, I shudder to think of the outcome.

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Kermit Lynch has been importing and selling fine wines since the 1970s. I have been a customer since the very early days. Over the years, he has represented some of the finest domaines in France. These include names like J.F. Coche-Dury and  Francois Raveneau in Burgundy, Vieux Telegraphe in the Rhone valley, and Domaine Tempier […]

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Champagne — Any Time Is Time For Champagne

We did our first review of Champagne in December 1979 (see Volume 1, Number 3 Underground Wine Letter Retrospective Issue). Interestingly, back then many wine drinkers paid little attention to Champagne. In those days a lot of Champagne had been poorly stored and were not at their best. But, to use a Yogi Berraism, then […]

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Retrospective Review: Volume I, Number 5 (April-May, 1980)

We are currently reproducing a copy of the fifth issue of The Underground Wineletter. Below you’ll find an updated review of each article, where I will go over what we got right and what we got wrong. We will follow this format with each successive issue. So Volume I, Number 6 will be coming next. […]

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A Burgundy Story

One of the challenges of Burgundy is to simplify it. Many owners of parcels within the same vineyards makes generalization difficult. For with Burgundy, you need to know the vineyards and the producers.

Here is a story of the creation of four great Domaines in Chassagne Montrachet and the creation of a great Montrachet and its history.

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Response to our new publication has been great. There’s obviously a lot of interest in intelligent, unbiased commentary on wine. We’re often asked about this wine or that, but occasionally we’re asked why the name “Underground”? Are we terrorists? Perhaps a reincarnation of the Weathermen? Are our foreign correspondents disciples of Che Guevara? No. Nary a machine gun or shoulder holster anywhere. Our interest is strictly fine wine—drinking it and reporting on its merits as objectively as humanly possible.

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