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Happy 4th of July. It’s time for rosés! There are an increasing number of importers of rosé in the US. Most of the imported roses come from France and many importers carry only a few wines. But, there are several importers with a wide selection of rosés available. These are 3 of the best: Hand […]

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  Spring will soon be here bringing warmer weather. A glass of Cru Beaujolais with a slight chill is perfect with many lighter foods. As mentioned in an earlier article (to read the last notes on 2011 Beaujolais click here), the 2011 Cru Beaujolais are more like 2010 than 2009, yet different. They have lots […]

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We are currently reproducing a copy of Volume III, Number 1 of The Underground Wineletter. Also there is a Retrospective Review which has an updated review of each article with commentary on what we got right and what we got wrong.  This format will be followed with each successive issue. So Volume III, Number 2 […]

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My last Distinctive New Wines article featured rosé and white wines (to read that article click here). As the end of summer approaches, here are more rosé and white wine selections that are perfect for warm weather drinking. There are many Under The Radar wines and many terrific values. There are also rare wines and […]

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Here is yet another interesting account of how wine “experts” can be caught off guard in blind tastings. This is a blind tasting of French vs. New Jersey wines. Say what? New Jersey? Were it not for the fact that I know wine is now made in every state in the USA, I would have […]

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    “Wherefore art thou?” This is the plaintive cry as merchants struggle to sell the 2011 Bordeaux vintage which is one of the  recent Bordeaux vintages NOT proclaimed “vintage of the century.”  Let’s see. With 90% of the century to go we have already had 3 “vintages of the century”?  Hmm. How does this […]

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More 2009s And A Few Others

For many months I have been writing about the superb 2009 Beaujolais. Virtually everything has now arrived (still waiting for the Clos du Fief Prestige Cuvee which should be great) and these latest arrivals include some of the best wines of the vintage. Don’t miss them.

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More 2009 Wines

Continuing with our theme of affordable wines from the 2009 vintage, we have discovered some great red and white wines, including more Beaujolais and Rosé. There is something here for everyone!

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Enjoy Summertime’s Sippable Sherries

Sherries from Spain are wonderful, unduplicated by others (even though many have tried), and make great summertime sipping and they are extremely food-friendly. If you haven’t had a glass of Spanish Sherry lately, now is the time to get reacquainted.

Spain also makes some excellent sweet Sherries. These dessert wines certainly deserve some attention, but for summertime fun, it’s dry Sherry that really fits the bill.

The best summer Sherry choices are those that are thirst quenching, all by themselves, as well as being compatible with light summer fare. Sherries are a perfect match with cold baked ham, cold sausages, hard cheeses, crusty breads and Mediterranean olives.

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A Selection from California and France

Two Stunning White Burgundy Producers: I began drinking White Burgundies in the late 1960s as I was beginning my journey down the wine trail. From the very beginning, I was captivated by the flavors and balance of the wines and their ability to pair beautifully with a wide variety of foods.

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