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It's Tough to Taste Everything!Over the years many of us have decried the often commercial, many times self-serving or inaccurate information available about wine. An obvious solution would be to publish our own subscription letter. Some of the most experienced and knowledgeable wine tasters/collectors/and consumers have joined together to publish what we plan to be the most candid and comprehensive commentary available on fine wine anywhere.

We have no commercial interests to promote. Our only purpose is to provide timely and accurate information and opinion. The more educated we are as consumers, the more rational and effective buying decisions we can make. In the case of wine, it is a process of maximizing enjoyment. As sincere and honest as most people in the wine industry are, many exaggerations, distortions and occasional untruths appear. How often have you been told, “This is the best ________ since ____________,” only to purchase the wine and be disappointed. In actuality, the wine consumer can only really decide the best wine after tasting everything, but most people would like to find the best wines available without tasting hundreds of often expensive, and sometimes mediocre, wines. The Underground Wineletter is designed to allow you to do just that. We will advise you of the existence of great wines before they are released and sold out. We are conscious of worldwide price trends and will make this an integral part of our commentary. We reject the validity of most wine tastings; since, with a diverse group of people having different levels of wine experience, everything is averaged out. Even statistical interpretation cannot correct this inherent inaccuracy. Rarely are our opinions based on a single tasting. Most often these opinions have been formed from tastings and discussions over a period of time. This process tends to eliminate most distortions caused by an “off” bottle.

In short, The Underground Wineletter was created out of need—the need for an unbiased, definitive guide to fine wines. It is designed for the discriminating consumer. We know you’ll find it invaluable and look forward to welcoming you as a subscriber.

In Vino Veritas,

John Tilson

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  • Doug Goodwillie says:


    I was wondering about how one goes about arranging for a subscribtion to your publication? Somehow I am unable to find that info in this issue.

    Welcome back, thanks!

    Doug Goodwillie

    • Hi Doug,
      Thanks very much for your interest. There is no subscription fee. Shortly, we will be sending out emails letting you know of new content posted. Stay tuned and keep visiting the site.

  • Nate Schaub says:

    I love that there truly is “an unbiased, definitive guide to fine wines” out there. Thanks to everyone at the Underground Wine Letter!

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