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FLASH! Last week it seems one of the “big” numbers wine critics sent out a notice entitled “The 2009 Beaujolais Hysteria: Is it Justified?” Forget the fact that most 2009 Beaujolais has been in the bottle and on the market since last summer/fall (see our reports beginning last summer).  Forget the fact that the question posed is never answered. And most of all, forget some of the absurd comments. How about “freakishly large-scaled” or “fruit bombs?” Hah!  What a joke! This is the same “big” numbers critic who anoints “big” Syrahs and Pinot Noirs (or is there a difference? But, more on that at a later date) with “big” numbers.

Poor little ol’ Beaujolais tipping in at 12-14% alcohol vs. the “big” numbers “big” wines at 15-17% – Beaujolais just can’t get a break. It is called freakish, large scaled, and a fruit bomb. The other “big” numbers wines, what are they? Well, once you get past the “big” numbers and open the bottles they are, for me, often undrinkable. So the question is “do you taste wine or drink wine?” As for 2009 Beaujolais, you have to look really hard to find anything that is not delicious to drink.  And even though this “big” numbers wine critic states that nearly every 2009 Beaujolais will be at its best in 5-7 years, I think this has about as much credibility as the descriptions. I have been drinking  and cellaring Beaujolais for some 40 years. You can drink some early and some late.  It’s your choice. Drink the wines now or drink them later. Evaluate for yourself at what stage you find them most enjoyable. For me it’s a no brainer! Now; later; much later; and much, much later works for me! Beaujolais are some of the most food friendly wines on the planet!

In Vino Veritas,

John Tilson