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This is my second article on 2019 Rosés (to read the first article on Bandol Rosés  click here [1]). The focus here is on 2019 French Rosés that are truly great bargains. The price to quality ratio here is just about as good as it gets. These wines are a Win/Win!!  Two more articles will follow on 2019 French Rosés as well as other Rosés from Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal.  Stay tuned! The Year End Holidays are coming and there is nothing like Rosés to accent the festivities!                                                                                       


2019 La Vieille Ferme Rosé
Very pale orange-pink color with a very faint golden hue.  Lovely aromatic floral perfume with hints of peach and citrus.  Great fruit, subtle hint of peach, with a floral undertone, beautifully balanced and a citrus-tinged crispness on the lingering finish.  Just plain delicious — Outstanding Plus.  $8.99    Imported by Vineyard Brands Birmingham, AL  Best Buy


2019 De Mont Coteaux Varois en Provence Rosé
Pale orange color with a golden hue.  Lovely floral perfume, hinting of apricot, with a faint touch of spice.  Crisp, bright, delicate, floral-tinged fruit with a hint of citrus and a crisp finish.  Lovely –– Outstanding.  $8.99   Imported by WX Imports Novato, CA

2019 St. Sagnol Coteaux Varois en Provence Rosé
Very pale orange color, with a golden hue.  Deep floral perfume, hinting of spice.  Lovely, delicate fruit, floral tone, with a hint of citrus, ending in a crisp finish.  Lovely — Outstanding.  $7.99  Plume Ridge  Claremont, CA

2019 J. L. Quinson Cotes de Provence Rosé
Very pale orange pink color, with a golden hue.  Lovely floral perfume, with an exotic tone.  Beautifully balanced and flavorful, with lovely fruit, elegant, supple and finesseful, a faint exotic nuance and a citrus-tinged, crispness on a lingering finish.  Delicious — Outstanding.  $8.99   Advantage International Distribution, Inc.  Miami, FL

2019 Moonlight and Roses Coteaux d’Aix en Provence Rosé
Very pale golden orange color.  Lovely floral-tinged perfume.  Lovely, delicate and finesseful fruit, hinting of peach with a floral undertone and a citrus tone on the finish — Outstanding.  $9.99  Mr. Can  San Francisco, CA

2019 Amuseur Côtes-du-Rhone Rosé
The wine is a 50/50 blend of Grenache and Cinsault. Very pale amber gold color.  Deep perfume, floral, peach nuance with an exotic tone.  Elegant and finesseful, lovely and delicious, with a peach tone, faint spice and a subtle citrus crispness on the finish.  Delicious — Outstanding.  $8.99   Misa Imports  Dallas, TX


2019 La Coqueluche Rosé Pays d’Oc
Pale golden orange color.  Nice floral-tinged perfume.  Rounded, subtle fruit with a floral undertone — Highly Recommended.  $6.99  Plume Ridge Claremont, CA