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The question of what is in wine and ingredient labeling is one that The Underground has covered for many years (to read an article summarizing the question of what is in wine and the need for ingredient labeling and the issue of wine fraud click here. [1]Yet despite all the information that is available on ingredients in food including ingredient labeling on food packaging, there still is no information available about what is in wine. Since I believe wine is a food group and something that is made to be consumed with food it logically follows that we wine consumers should be able to determine what is in wine. But, sadly this has not happened and most consumers do not seem to care. However, now after all this time, we have someone else who has joined the campaign to uncover what is in wine. You see most wine drinkers would be shocked to find out what is put into some wines. I encourage all of you to read the following two articles by clicking on the following links: www.thewinestalker.net/2015/02/wineformula1.html [2] which covers mass appeal and cover ups and www.thewinestalker.net/2015/02/wineformula2.html [3] which covers magic potions and formulas of wine: Mega Purple and Enologix.
These articles provide more information and shed more light on why all wine consumers should care about wine ingredient labeling and what is in wine.

In Vino Veritas,

John Tilson