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 After 40 Years as Clos du Val’s Winemaker, Bernard Portet Debuts Heritance, His New Winemaking Project Recently I had the opportunity to meet with Bernard Portet, renowned Napa Valley vintner, and talk with him about his new winemaking project, Heritance.  I had met Bernard years ago when he was co-founder and winemaker at Clos du […]

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Under The Radar 2009 Wines

We’ve been talking about the very favorable growing conditions in almost all parts of the world in 2009. So continuing with that theme here is a representative sampling of generally inexpensive 2009 wines that are distinctive and generally not well known. Hence, the “Under the Radar” theme. Be adventuresome. Try a few. I think you will be really glad you did and I expect you will find many new favorites.

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