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A Dinner To Remember At Hatfield’s

Today, I want to chat with you about a newish(opened spring 2009) restaurant you should not miss. I first learned about Executive Chef Quinn Hatfield and wife (Pastry Chef) Karen before their arrival in West Hollywood. The first time I actually met Quinn was in Santa Monica, at a preview for the 2010 Taste of the Nation. I liked his attitude, heard lots of good things about their cooking and was determined to eventually visit the new restaurant. I never made it to that first venue, because they moved– to the location that once housed the renowned Citrus of Michel Richard. I enjoyed a birthday there a decade or more ago, and filed in the back of my head that I should get there when the Hatfields had their “soft” opening.

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The Ahwahnee Hotel’s Bracebridge Dinner and Yosemite Valley

Join a 17th Century English Christmas Celebration
If I were to choose my favorite place in the world, I would have to say Yosemite.
The Valley is unique in its grandeur, scope and sheer beauty. Half Dome, El Capitan, Yosemite Falls and Glacier Point simply have to be experienced to be believed.
And within the valley is the grand Ahwahnee Hotel that is perfect in its design which blends rustic beauty with the natural surroundings.

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