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  I first became acquainted with this new winery just over 2 years ago. I was very impressed with the wines and the dedication and talent of owner/winemaker, Justin Willett. Here is what I had to say: Owner and winemaker Justin Willett started Tyler winery in 2005. Previously he had worked in vineyard management as […]

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The Dueling Inexpensive Red Wine Line-Ups — Which Ones Went To The Drinking Round And Which Ones Went Down The Drain?

I have always been curious. In all of my endeavors, I have referred to this trait as “turning over rocks.” You have to turn over rocks to see what is underneath. That takes some effort. Many people do not care. But for those that do, there is no assurance of what you will find. Maybe it will be a gold nugget or maybe it will be a rattle snake! Or, even more likely, it will be something in between. So it is with wine.

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