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  HERE IS A WINE PREDICTION THAT IS LIKELY TO BE A REAL DUD!  In issue 4 of Forbes Life Summer 2012 different “experts” offer opinions on the price trend of cars, watches, antique furniture and wine. I am going to stay out of the crystal ball gazing game for cars, watches, and antique furniture. […]

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OK. I just learned that it is not only Mouton Rothschild with its 08 label with a Chinese artist that focused on the Chinese market, But, apparently Lafite Rothschild preceded Mouton with its 08 bottle embossed with the Chinese symbol for lucky number 8. So it seems that one good deed deserves another.

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Retrospective Review: Volume I, Number 4 (February-March, 1980)

In Volume I, Number 4, February-March 1980, we began with why the “Underground Wineletter? Are We Terrorists?” In this edition I wrote why we began the wineletter, what we set as objectives and our approach. Then, as now, our interest is in drinking wine and reporting on it’s merits as objectively as possible. We expect criticism, especially when our comments may be unfavorable. But, our only objective is to offer opinion that is constructive and in the end everyone – producer, distributor, retailer and consumer – should benefit. The “Underground” reflects our commitment to be as free from outside influence as possible. As we said then: “This is our battle.” Not exactly the stuff to satisfy Genghis Khan, but we think Thomas Jefferson would approve. And, far away in some remote and well-stocked, sub-celestial cellar, Bacchus smiles, nods approvingly and proclaims “Finally on earth, The Underground Wineletter, Veni, Vidi, Vici.”

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