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Massican is a very small winery in Calistoga that was founded by owner and winemaker Dan Petroski in 2009. The grapes are sourced mostly in Napa Valley and production is limited to white wines with current annual production around 1200 cases. The wines are available from the winery (with a release date each April) and […]

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Retrospective Review Volume III, Number 6

In the summer of 1982, Volume III, Number 6 offered the following articles: One Winedrinker’s Opinion – A Case For Old Burgundies, Coming Attractions, 1979 Bordeaux, California Cabernet Sauvignons, More 1979 Red Burgundies, Distinctive New Wines, California Chardonnays, Selected Tasting Notes, Barrels and Bottles, and Cellar Notes. We are currently reproducing a copy of Volume […]

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My last Distinctive New Wines article featured rosé and white wines (to read that article click here). As the end of summer approaches, here are more rosé and white wine selections that are perfect for warm weather drinking. There are many Under The Radar wines and many terrific values. There are also rare wines and […]

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Sancerre is a great wine that is marvelous with many foods any time of the year. But, it is particularly nice during the holidays when you are looking to take a pause from some of the heartier seasonal fare. So, with that in mind, here are my notes on 2010 Sancerres. Most of the wines […]

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Just when we thought we had seen and heard of everything in the world of wine, guess what? It ain’t so! There is something new and now that the holidays are approaching some wine drinkers are really buzzed. This might be the gift idea of the year. Maybe it’s a gift for a wine snob […]

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OK. So I have been writing recently about inexpensive red wines and doing blending of wines that are not exactly to your liking to make something that you do like. Yes, I know that sounds radical to some and down right heresy to some wine purists. So what? Get over it. Wine is just a beverage. It is a beverage that exists to complement your food and contribute to the dining experience.

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I recently attended a new release trade tasting in Los Angeles for New Zealand wines. Some 26 wineries were represented and there were well over 100 wines available to taste in a 3 hour period. These types of tastings are a way to get a general idea of the wines. But, for me, they are not an opportunity to write detailed notes on each wine.

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Call For Torrontes, Other Terrific Inexpensive White Wines, An Old Friend Chardonnay, And A New Friend Pinot Noir

Recently, in buying wines for my Inexpensive Red Wines article, I picked up a few other wines. Voila! I hit the mother lode! All these wines are terrific and not expensive.

I found a new Torrontes, 2009 Trapiche. Earlier, in my Under The Radar 2009 Wines article, I reviewed two others, 2009 Inacayal Vineards and 2009 Zolo. All are from Argentina and all are outstanding.

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Uncorking My Favorite Summertime Sippers

Sauvignon Blancs, Pinot Grigios and summer are a match made in heaven. Hot sunny days and casual, light meals call for wines that are fresh, crisp flavorful and versatile. Sauvignon Blanc’s and Pinot Grigios are all that, and much more.

I find them the perfect wines to enjoy in my patio, in the evening time, relaxing or snacking on crackers, cheese and crusty breads. Great wines to sip at the pool, or to pack up, for a trip to the beach. More fun to share with a friend, but great also when it’s just for you.

Fusing vibrant fruit and intriguing herb notes in a sleek uncomplicated style, both Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Grigios refresh like no other wine. Served chilled, they deliver pure pleasure, whether enjoyed all by themselves or with a meal.

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2009 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Inexpensive 2009 White Wines

Following up on the 2009 vintage of the century theme, its very worthwhile to try the early arriving wines from the 2009 vintage. New Zealand was blessed with an excellent growing season and these early arriving Sauvignon Blancs show great appeal. They are fresh, clean and crisp and generally exhibit some combination of citrus, floral, herbal and grassy nuances. They match very well with summer fare of fish and salads and as a starter wine with hors d’oeuvres. Also, there are many other 2009 white wines that are inexpensive and offer really great value for the money. Check out the Pinot Grigios and an unusual, but really delicious Spanish white wine.

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