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happy new year [1]

Wow! What a year 2013 has been. For me, it was, unfortunately, the year of an unpredictable set back in my health (to read about that click here [2]). But, fortunately, I am getting very much back to normal (whatever that is) and I am certainly looking forward to 2014.

the rear view mirror and the road ahead [3]

The new year 2014 is the road ahead. This is our 5th year as an on line publication and the 35th year since the first Underground debuted.  I would like to take a moment here at the outset to thank all of you who have joined the on line Underground to pursue the wine road ahead. Also, I would like to encourage you to please pass along the  Underground articles to your friends and encourage them to subscribe. It is easy. All you have to do is click the button here, enter the email address, and forward to as many friends as you would like. The wine road is never ending as we are always learning and it is also a lot of fun. That’s a win/win!

As we begin 2014 I am taking the opportunity to review what the Underground stands for, our focus on the consumer, a review of the Underground’s early focus on wine fraud, and a review of  the wine predictions for 2013 and the outlook for 2014. Included are links to supporting articles on all these subjects. I encourage you to take a look at these by following the links. Also, there are over 300 articles on the website for your perusal (including the first 3 years – 1979/1982 – of each issue in its entirety, including an update on everything written, of the print version of The Underground Wineletter). Take a look and please forward the articles to your friends!

From the very beginning, the Underground’s goal has been to provide accurate wine commentary as honestly and simply as it can be presented. Also, we want to de-mystify wine and present it in the context of another food group. And, I am very proud of the experienced and extremely knowledgeable group of people who are affiliated with the Underground. (To view the Underground mission and history and the people and biographies  [4]click here [4]).

The Underground is solely dedicated to providing clear and accurate information to the consumer. This is set forth in The Underground Wine Consumers Bill of Rights.


Also, beginning some 30 years ago the Underground began writing about wine fraud. No one paid much attention then, but today people have finally recognized it is a big problem. Here is the Underground view on what needs to be done to help prevent wine fraud.


So there are several issues that still need to be addressed to provide more clarity to wine consumers buying old wines and, totally unknown to most wine consumers, this also extends to newly produced wines. Today many wines are overly manipulated and too many wines have an excessive amount of additives. Since there is currently no system to determine what ingredients are in a bottle of wine, the consumer is clueless about the ingredients added to wine (to read my article “What Is Wine” click here [6]).  This is wrong and, like set forth in The Underground’s Wine Consumer Bill of Rights, wine consumers should demand to have full disclosure of all the ingredients in wine offered for sale. This is an issue that will be increasingly important as consumers continue to pay closer attention to ingredients in food. And, since I believe wine is another food, it logically follows that over time more and more attention will be focused on what is in wine. Today, people assume wine is just fermented grapes and little else. This is an assumption based on a total lack of any transparency. And, just as many paid no attention to the issues of wine fraud when the Underground first started writing about it some 30 years ago, few are paying attention to the ingredients going into wine being produced today. This will change. And, like the fraud issue, will provide the Underground some day in the future to have another “We told you so” moment!

In short, The Underground will continue to advocate anything that will help the consumer. The Underground was a pioneer in writing about the problem of wine fraud. Today the Underground is pioneering the right of the consumer to know the ingredients in wine. In the future, this will be an even bigger story and affect many more people than wine fraud. So please continue to be with us in this journey and, again, please pass the Underground on to your friends. But, most importantly, along the way, be sure to “Drink What You Like & Like What You Drink” (To read that article click here [7])



For the past few years I have written an outlook for the New Year and a review of the last year’s predictions. This year I am only going review my 2013 predictions as I think most will be continuing trends in 2014. However, I encourage you to read last year’s article which reviews the Underground view of what is important to know about wine and also outlines all the articles posted in 2012 (to read that article click here [9]).

new-year ahead [22]

So there you have it – a review of the Underground as we head into our 35th year and a look at the predicted trends of the future. Be well and drink and eat well. Enjoy yourself and the time with your family and friends. Best wishes for a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year!


In Vino Veritas,Sig

John Tilson