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MEDICAL ALERT I just heard this from my UNDERGROUND Grape Vine So here is a  major announcement A single glass of wine at night could mean a peaceful, uninterrupted night’s sleep. And I kid you not… There Is A New Wine for Seniors California vintners in the Napa Valley have developed a new hybrid grape […]

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OK, here are your choices:

1. A new hamburger from Wienerschnitzel
2. A new line of shoes from Jimmy Choo
3. A new Russian satellite
4. Something you do when you don’t feel good
5. A new hybrid car from Volkswagen
6. The German name for Syrah
7. Late Burgundian
8. A hybrid grape variety that is a cross between vegetable and animal
9. Something that is discarded as having little value
10. A German rap group

Take a guess.

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