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Retrospective Review: Volume III, Number 5 (April-May 1982)

  In the spring of 1982, Volume III, Number 5 offered the following articles: One Winedrinker’s Opinion – The Absurdity of Classifying American Cabernet Sauvignon, Coming Attractions, More 1979 Red Burgundies, California Cabernet Sauvignons, More 1978 Bordeaux, California Chardonnays, More 1979 White Burgundies, Distinctive New Wines, More 1979 Rhones, and Cork Poppers. We are currently […]

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Over the years, with the old Underground Wineletter, we received many interesting letters.  Some complimentary, some less so, some critical, some constructive, etc.  I think you get the picture.  From this, I chose a selected cross section of letters to publish written replies.  One of these appeared in Volume III, #1 in 1981. We decided […]

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