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A Personal Recollection of the Days of Prohibition – Making Home-Brew, Moonshine and Bathtub Gin

During this period, I had some first-hand experience, having been a high school student during the later years. Wine was quite popular with the Italians, who made their own powerful, so-called “Dago Red.” For just everyday drinking, beer was the most popular. It was easily produced as home-brew which, if carefully made as my father did, resulted in a good brew, as attested to by his co-workers who often assembled at our home for a beer party, much to the chagrin of my mother. My brother and I had the responsibility for bottling the brew when father said it was ready

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Over the years, with the old Underground Wineletter, we received many interesting letters.  Some complimentary, some less so, some critical, some constructive, etc.  I think you get the picture.  From this, I chose a selected cross section of letters to publish written replies.  One of these appeared in Volume III, #1 in 1981. We decided […]

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