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From my earliest wine drinking days I have always loved Zinfandel. Not all Zinfandels mind you, but those that are balanced and well-made from fruit grown in old and well- situated vineyards. Early on, the great Ridge Zinfandels (Geyserville, Jimsomare, Picchetti, Lytton Springs, etc.) and Joe Swan were particular favorites. And, it was not always the case that everyone loved Zinfandel and still may be the case today.

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A Personal Recollection of the Days of Prohibition – Making Home-Brew, Moonshine and Bathtub Gin

During this period, I had some first-hand experience, having been a high school student during the later years. Wine was quite popular with the Italians, who made their own powerful, so-called “Dago Red.” For just everyday drinking, beer was the most popular. It was easily produced as home-brew which, if carefully made as my father did, resulted in a good brew, as attested to by his co-workers who often assembled at our home for a beer party, much to the chagrin of my mother. My brother and I had the responsibility for bottling the brew when father said it was ready

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